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Victoria High
Heel 2.0

Victoria High
Heel 2.0

Everyone needs a dependable, classic pair of high heels, but too often they hurt. Now you can actually feel good in this style, with our hidden and patented SoftSurroundSystem™ that cushions and surrounds your entire foot. In fact, people tell us it provides the same comfort as a sneaker inside.

Jane Autumn
Flat 2.0

Jane Autumn
Flat 2.0

No other flats feel like these. Created to be a gorgeous, classic shape to compliment absolutely anything in your closet, our flats softly hug your feet with a hidden and patented SoftSurround System™ so that you feel supreme cushion with each step.

The Difference

Unlike the sensation of a typically hard interior of a heel or flat shoe, you will now be surrounded by cushioned comfort, from the tops of the toes and the full bottom of the foot, to the very back of the heel.

You will also have a shoe that will keep up with you every step of the way, being one of the most durable you’ll ever own.



"These High-Tech Heels Feel Just Like Your Most Comfortable Sneakers...”

"This functional pair is revolutionizing the heel market...”

“You don’t have to worry about swapping pairs when you leave the office”.

"Our prayers have been answered…”


“They feel like Beyonce could dance in these all night”.

- Erica

“Just received my shoes today. They fit prefectly - The cushioning is fantastic”.

- Jackie

“Thanks for the wonderful shoes. My wife loves them and said they really feel like sneakers”.

- Federico

"I really want to compliment you on the padding: it feels awesome, fits well and does a great job accommodating my bunions!"


"The quality, materials and workmanship is very good. Quite impressive actually!"

- Michelle

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We believe you can no longer be held back by something as simple as your footwear.

You can’t Break a Glass Ceiling with a Glass Slipper
- and we’ve got lots of glass-breaking to do! -
so it’s high time to Free the Feminine, and Her Feet.

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