The second production run of Victoria High Heels are scheduled to be shipped out in late December 2018, and our Jane Autumn Flats are scheduled to be shipped in around this date as well. We will share an update immediately if we hear of any changes to this delivery timeline.
At this time we are only shipping to the U.S. and Canada and this may change soon. Please sign up to our newsletter so that you can be notified just as soon as we start shipping internationally.
Shipping in the U.S. is free.
Yes! Just enter the the address of the person you'd like to have these sent to when you are going through the check out process.
We ship everything via DHL, UPS, USPS, depending on where you are shipping your shoes to, and what service will work best for you. We use one of the premiere fulfillment centers in the nation located in Long Island. NY.
We will send you tracking information via email as soon as your item ships.
When you buy any of our shoes while we are still in the pre-order phase, you will only be charged one time for shipping. For example, if you ordered a flat and a heel, and the flat still has an estimated shipping date later than the high heel, we would send you the heel first with that one shipping fee built in. You would not incur an additional shipping charge for the flat that would come later. We are doing this as an additional thank you for waiting for the delivery to be complete.
When we start shipping internationally again, we will work to pay the duty and tax costs to make it a much easier process to receive the shoes internationally. This means that the shipping cost for international pre-orders is a one time charge.


Placing Orders

You can do this easily as you go through the check out process online. If you have any questions, please email us at hello@antoniasaintny.com


Finding the Best Fit

We offer a large array of sizes, from 4 to 13 US, in addition to three different widths. We also offer a split shoe box where you can order one size for each foot because 60% of us have two differently sized feet.

If you would like to see us in our NY fitting room, you can also sign up for an appointment by booking here: Antonia Saint NY Fitting Appointments
If you choose to use our app (listed as "Antonia Saint NY" in the Google Play or Apple App Store), you can download it for your Android and iPhone device that includes simple instructions to complete one's own Fit Profile that will have scans of the feet, photos and a short survey. We've worked with a team of computer vision experts to create the most seamless functionality for all of you, but if anyone has questions about the app, please feel free to write us at fit@antoniasaintny.com
Yes! With our smartphone app you will be able to enter as many different profiles as you would like for the respective pairs of shoes to be sent to different people.
As of our launch in the Summer of 2017, we make our shoes as part of larger orders. Depending on when you order, we will put your order towards the upcoming production run. The lead time is usually 8-12 weeks. 
Yes! Once you provide your measurements to us via our smartphone app, we will have your measurements saved in your own unique Fit Profile. We will draw from this record each time you come to us for another shoe to add to your collection. The only time you would ever want to re-measure your feet and update your Fit Profile would be if you have any lifestyle changes such as weight gain, pregnancy, injury, etc.

Think of the fitting service and creation of your own Fit Profile as an investment towards all future shoes you will own that will actually be fit to *each* of your feet.
We will happily take your shoes back for a refitting where we will exchange your shoes within 30 days of delivery to find a better fit. We are dedicated to creating shoes that fit you and your feet, and the unique individual that you are.
With our insert design and overall technology, it is a much better choice than a typically hard and unsupportive flat or heel. Our shoes give you cushioned support while still having a beautiful shape on the exterior. We consulted with a leading podiatric surgeon to make sure that most every pain point was covered, and we created our shoes with the wide variety of foot shapes in mind. If you are most comfortable in an orthopedic shoe, we would suggest choosing the flat so that you can get a beautiful classic shape on the outside with the closest sensation to an orthopedic shoe.


Health Issues

Absolutely! That's part of the reason why we created them, because nearly 25% of people between the ages of 18-65 years of age suffer from bunions and 67% of those over the age of 65 have bunions.

These facts are also part of the reason why we are offering our fitting service and the ability to offer different sizes for each foot. With the smartphone app, we will actually get the measurement of EACH of your feet, and you can also order a wider or narrower width for one or the other shoe to make room for your bunion on either your left, right, or both feet. The superior cushioning in our SoftSurround System also ensures that you will be able to have a beautiful and comfortable shoe.
Yes! Because of the way the insert technology and overall design has been made, the SoftSurround System will conform to the shape of your foot, either with a flat foot or a high arch. It will give you a much more cushioned experience than any other heel or flat you've experienced.
Our SoftSurround System gently hugs the entire foot, and is designed in such a way that it gives your foot room to expand as the day goes on. The key here is getting the best fit from the very beginning so that the proper amount of expansion needed would already be in place.
At this time we don't fully customize the height of the arch, but our SoftSurround System has been made to softly support the arches (we actually have three arches in each foot, and we address all three), and to conform to the shape of each foot.


Shoe Construction

Yes! We absolutely have plans for a rounded toe. The rounded toe version will be announced in the future, but we don’t know exactly when that will be. We will update all who join us as a customer and via the VIP newsletter list with the very first announcements as they come out.

As for the reason behind creating the pointed toe first, we wanted to tackle one of the most beautiful and classic shoe designs, and one that has given many owners trouble in the past due to poor fit. The way a proper pointed-toe should fit is that the point lies comfortably ABOVE the ends of the toes, so the toes have room to fit underneath. The vamp, or curved front part of the shoe, should rest comfortably across the top of your feet, and not cut into you. Underneath your foot, you should have cushioned support, and ideally, surrounding your entire foot, and a deeper toe box for added room. Our shoes happily have all of this!
As for the heel height, we wanted to tackle one of the most beautiful and classic shoe designs first, and one that has given many owners trouble in the past due to poor fit. This is why our premier Victoria heel has a height of 3.5 inches. However, our heel feels much lower due to the SoftSurround System design, insert technology and overall design. We also have plans for lower heels in the future, so be sure to sign up on our VIP newsletter list.
Our flat has a platform of almost an 1 inch, so they are not completely flat because we know our feet need some lift when walking on hard surfaces. Our flats are immensely comfortable for all types of feet, unlike other flat shoes you may have owned in the past.
Our shoes use an advanced material called microfiber leather. It mimics animal collagen, but is stronger and lighter, and more sustainable to the planet. It is 100% animal-free. The type of material we have selected for our premier designs are called French Calf Microfiber Leather, chosen for its excellent stretch and supple finish.
Our outsole is a rubber composite that is made for flexibility, durability and shock absorption.
The overall patented SoftSurround System is made up of three parts. The Upper Cushion Support System means no more pain on the toes, no blisters, no heel gap, and it has side cushioning for comfort. The Insert Support Technology has arch support, cushion at the base of the big toe, triple-layer cushioning under the ball of the foot that can absorb 2x the body weight from a high heel, dual-layered foam support throughout, a deep heel cup, and a Tri-Arch Support System. The outside of the shoe is also unique. There are hidden stitches to prevent blisters, a deeper toe box for more room, superior materials, ballistic nylon heel to prevent nicks, stronger heel tips, a reinforced toe for longer wear, outsoles made for flexibility and shock absorption and, an embedded exoskeleton to hide the tech and ensure the highest cushioning.
Our heel tips last 5x longer than what you'll find in the marketplace. Our heels are wrapped in ballistic nylon which is incredibly abrasion resistant and will not nick unlike every other heel out there.

Our upper material was chosen for its suppleness but also its abrasion-resistance and does not scuff like a typical soft leather would.
As every single shoe shape and height is a sizable investment with particular tooling, molds and components needing to be made, we will be focused on one "pitch" of a heel at a time. We have a lot in store for everyone, so please join us so we can make every single part of this dream a reality for the variety of unique tastes we all have :)
Our shoes can be easily wiped down on the inside to help treat odors, and we will announce any anti-microbial treatment options once they become available.
The components of our shoes are made internationally from various expert manufacturers around the world, and they are put together by our manufacturing consultant Otabo, who is based in Minnesota with a very strong factory network in China. All customization of the shoes and assembly happen with the Brooklyn Shoe Factory founded in Brooklyn. Our dream is to grow production in America, and that is why we actually co-founded The Brooklyn Shoe Factory in 2016. We can not yet do full production here because of certain things like technical machines not being here, nor the properly trained mechanics and technicians here to repair and maintain the machines, or the trained workers to create every production step that is needed. The strongest factory networks are still overseas currently, but we are committed to growing manufacturing here in the U.S. and every shoe sold helps to make this dream a greater reality.


Company Mission/Policies

One of the main points that we are making is that if you are going to wear a classic-looking shoe exterior (flat and heels grouped together here as "classics"), it makes zero sense to have that shoe cause you pain, to be hard, to give you blisters, have no support, etc. We have enough to think about, and to also add to pain from our feet is something we should no longer accept. One of the first problems we're addressing is fit - with both our flats and heels - because 88% of women wear shoes that are too small for our fit, and 60% of people actually have two differently sized feet. Secondly, we are addressign the problem of shoes not providing cushioned support, even though the modern surfaces we walk upon are the hardest they have ever been. We hope to change the conversation about our footwear, and encourage everyone to demand more from their shoes. We should have the choice of beautiful shoes that also support us in moving through life, and not just for looking pretty.
It can take as little as 20 minutes to start feeling pain from a high heel. Most have little to no padding, are mass-produced in a "one size 8 fits all size 8s" mentality and are thus poorly fit for each individual, and often made of cheap components that can fall off or nick after the first or second use. Often, heels are worn only on special occasions where you can be sure to sit down because the pain is so great. Instead of feeling a lack of support by ones shoes, we have solved all of these issues with cushioned comfort, quality construction and custom-fit. Finally, a woman can feel free to move and stay focused on what she's saying and doing, and not feel limited by her footwear.


Return/Exchange Policy

We have a 100% Fit Guarantee Policy. We will exchange your shoes to find a better fit until we get the fit right, and your feet are happy! Again, because we are offering the Custom Fit service where we will have your unique Fit Profile on both of your feet, we will have your measurements. We are creating shoes that fit you and your feet, and the unique individual that you are.
If your measurements fall within our standard sizes in the three different widths we offer, and they are returned unworn, or only worn inside and on carpeting without any marks, we will easily be able to offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

If however, we hand-create a customized shoe for you, we have a 100% fit guarantee where we will take your shoes back and re-make them if the fit isn't quite as you'd like.

If for some reason, you decide the shoes simply aren't for you, we would be able to process a partial refund or exchange the heel for a flat. We will have the partial un-refunded amount saved in your account as a credit towards a future order of another style.

The reason why it can not be a full refund is that we do have to pay the workers who created the customized shoes for you, and we do have to pay for the materials which we use to make the shoes. As the company will be shouldering the shipping and other operational costs, we want to ensure that we have a sustainable business to serve everyone well, and for years to come! We hope you understand this mission and will find this fair.

We believe strongly in finding the perfect fit for you however, and we are dedicated to making you supremely happy. So again, we would like to fit these shoes to your feet and give you shoes that you will love.


Smartphone App

If you are logged into your account, simply press the "Back" button at the top left corner of your screen and you can retake your pictures.

You can also log out and log back into your account to create a new profile. To be clear, you can have multiple profiles on your account. The profile that has "active" in the description is the one you're currently using.
Please write to us at fit@antoniasaintny.com
You need 4 blank, white sheets of paper, either letter, D4 or legal size. One dark ink pen or thin-tipped marker, a measuring tape with CM or a piece of string and a CM ruler, one pair of thin black socks, and a wood or neutral floor. Carpet is not preferable.
All Android smartphones and iPhones will work. The app is not yet formatted for tablets (Android-based or iPad).
If you see your profile screen at the end producing measurements, you are all set.