This is what's inside
our patented
SoftSurround System™

Anti-Blister Tabs

Unlike hard shoes, we have two anti-blister tabs at the back of the heel to prevent friction, and softly cushion and hold the foot in place.

Side Cushioning Strips

Two strips have been carefully added to hold your foot in place and prevent friction as you move.

Foam Toe-Topper

No more pain on the tops of the toes as you walk, or blisters from friction because you now have a soft foam technology holding you back in place.

Tri-Arch Support

No other shoes of a classic design support all three of your arches, but ours do. Created to give gentle upward pressure to help deal with fatigue in these areas, you will have support where you need it.

Deep Heel Cup

Unlike other high heels or flats, we have a deep heel cup to add to your stability as you walk. This is especially helpful when wearing a high heel, so no more wobble while you walk!

Ball of the Foot Cushion

A triple-layer of cushion under the ball of the foot provides gorgeous-feeling support when you walk with the force of 2.5x your weight on this area while wearing a high heel.

Big Toe Cushion

To help prevent pain and the formation of any issue at the base of the big toe, we have added a recessed area of cushioned support.

Dual-Layered Support

We have placed an overall dual-layer of support to give you 200% more cushioning underfoot than a regular high heel or flat.

Deeper Toebox

To give you more room around your toes than a normal high heel, we have built our shoes with the additional millimeters of softness you need.

Soft Label

To prevent any blisters, we have a printed label to ensure maximum comfort without the feel of a scratchy label underfoot.

Superior Materials

The entire outer surface of the shoe is made of a microfiber leather that is resistant to scratches and scuffs so it will last longer and continue to look beautiful.

Hidden Stitches

Every stitch is turned and hidden so nothing comes up against the foot to cause any irritations or blisters.

Ballistic Nylon Heel

Our heels are wrapped in a patented design of ballistic nylon so that you won't have to deal with quickly worn, nicked or torn heel coverings, and your shoes will always look beautiful.

Stronger Heel Tips

We have a special formulation that makes our heel tips last 5-7x longer than what you will find elsewhere. Even the most expensive shoes don't have heel tips like ours.

Reinforced Toe

To help you deal with any walking surface you come across without quickly wearing down the tip of your shoe, we have created special outsoles with a reinforced toe tip to give you longer wear.

Flexible, Strong Outsole

We have designed the entire surface underfoot to be strong, yet flexible as you walk, adding traction and shock absorption with every step.

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