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This is what's inside our patented Softsurround System™️


" They feel like Beyonce could dance in these all night."

– Erica

"Just received my shoes today. They fit prefectly - The cushioning is fantastic."

– Jackie

"Thanks for the wonderful shoes. My wife loves them and said they really feel like sneakers."

– Federico

"I really want to compliment you on the padding: it feels awesome, fits well and does a great job accommodating my bunions!"


"The quality, materials and workmanship is very good. Quite impressive actually!"

– Michelle

"These high tech heels feel just like your most comfortable sneakers..."

– Real Simple

"THINX Founder Introduces Heels That Feel Like Sneakers On The Inside"


"Our prayers have been answered... High heels that will be as comfy as running trainers..."

– Glamour

"Most Comfortable Heels to Wear to Work - They did, indeed, feel like athletic shoes."

– Fast Company

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