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Pro Tip One: If you have a bump (bunion), on one foot, but not the other, order a slightly wider size for that foot.

Pro Tip Two: If you feel your feet have volume/roundness, or are flatter and wider, or you often feel like you are overflowing the top of a shoe (and perhaps that shoes feel too tight), order a wider width.

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Created to be a gorgeous, classic shape to compliment absolutely anything in your closet, our flats softly hug your feet with a hidden and patented SoftSurround System™ so that you feel supreme cushion with each step. These are unlike any other flats you have ever known. This embedded technology is why many who wear the shoe say it "looks classic on the outside, feels like a sneaker on the inside." Finally, you will have a spring in your step, and a truly enveloping softness under foot, and all around, which no other flat can give you. 

Instead of sacrificing beauty for wearability, or accepting the pain of beautiful shoes, we have carefully re-engineered our flats to give you the high-quality support you deserve. Because after all, you can't break glass ceilings with glass slippers, and we've got lots of glass-breaking to do! 

Each shoe includes:
The Patented SoftSurround System™

    • Cushioning on the tops of the toes, back of the heel and sides of the foot
    • Insert support technology that provides dual-layered foam support throughout
    • Triple layer cushion under the ball of the foot (absorbs 2x body weight)
    • Cushion at the base of the big toe 
    • Tri-Arch Support System - lateral (outer), medial (inner) and transverse (ball)
    • Deep heel cup for stability

      Superior Construction

      • Hidden stitches to prevent blisters
      • Deeper toe box for more room around the toes (even with a pointed toe shoe!)
      • Reinforced toe for longer wear
      • Durable rubber outsole for flexibility and shock absorption
      • Superior materials to conform to the shape of the foot and increase durability
      • Patented Ballistic Nylon heel (so no more nicks!)
      • Stronger heel tips for longer wear (lasts 5x longer than the rest)
      • Embedded exoskeleton to hide all technology and ensure highest cushioning

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