Hi-Tech Victoria Essential High Heel


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Created to be a gorgeous, classic shape to compliment absolutely anything in your closet, our heels softly hug your feet with a hidden and patented SoftSurround System™ so that you feel supreme cushion with each step.

Instead of sacrificing beauty for wearability, or accepting the pain of beautiful shoes, we have carefully re-engineered our heels to give you the high-quality support you deserve.

For the Best Fit:

Please download our Antonia Saint NY app for your Android of iPhone device to get shoes that are fitted to your measurements. After you make your purchase, you will get a code for the app within 24-48 hours delivered to your email from vip@antoniasaintny.com.

Alternatively, you can email us the standard shoe size you'd like to order at fit@antoniasaintny.com. 

OR - you can visit us in our NYC Fitting Room by booking an appointment here: http://bit.ly/ASNYFittingCalendar

Once we have your size info, it takes about 8-12 weeks for delivery. 

Currently Only Shipping US and Canada.

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