Introducing Antonia Saint NY

Everyone needs that essential pair of black heels and flats that goes with everything. But most of the time, these hurt. At Antonia Saint NY, we believe that you should have beautiful shoes that make you feel great. That’s why we make an essential heel and flat that looks classic on the outside, and feels like a sneaker on the inside.    

Created to be a gorgeous, classic shape to compliment absolutely anything in your closet, our shoes softly hug your feet with a hidden SoftSurround System™ so that you feel supreme cushion with each step.

Instead of sacrificing beauty for wearability, or accepting the pain of beautiful shoes, we have carefully re-engineered high heels and flats to give you the high-quality support you deserve.

Finding Your Best Fit 

Every well-loved shoe starts with finding the perfect fit, but did you know that 88% of women wear shoes that are too small for our feet? And that there is no reliable “standard” size chart that is the same around the world? One size 8 may very well be different than another. 

To make it even more challenging, 60% of people, have two differently sized feet!

To provide you with shoes that are more personalized to fit you, we offer solutions in three ways: 

1) The Antonia Saint NY App We have the latest scanning app technology from our team of computer vision experts to help obtain your best fit. Download the app at your Google Play or iPhone app store to provide us with your measurements and Fit Profile. We will have your unique measurements and info saved here for whenever you need it. 

2) Personalized Fitting Service in NYC - If you are ever in the NYC area, we would love to give you the best service which will lead to your absolute best fit! Please sign up here to book an appointment:

3) Larger Size Offering - We offer three widths where most brands only offer one, and a larger array of sizes (size 4-13). We also offer the ability to order one size PER FOOT. 


Why This Matters

At Antonia Saint NY, we believe that you should no longer be held back by something as simple as your footwear. If you’re going to fulfill your dreams, you can’t have part of your brain focused on the pain that you feel. You can’t break a glass ceiling with a glass slipper - and we’ve got lots of glass-breaking to do! - so it’s high time to Free the Feminine and Her Feet.

The Difference

We have created a truly modern shoe for the modern world. We have thought of all the ways in which we wished flats and heels would feel, and how we wished they would wear over time, and we spent the last two years bringing them to life.

We have a patent-pending SoftSurround System™ that gently cushions and supports the entire foot

The technology is hidden within superior construction to create a cushioned sensation like you would find with a sneaker. Made up of three distinct parts listed below, we also created these shoes to be some of the most durable you’ll ever own.


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